Computer & Laptop Repair Great Yarmouth

Do you have a faulty or troublesome computer system?

Whether it be a Desktop, Laptop or All in One system, we should be able to assist you. Computers can suffer from lots of different faults from Software to Hardware. Typically most software faults can be resolved fairly quickly, however this does depend on the particular fault in question. An example would be comparing a system which has an incorrectly displayed desktop, versus a system which does not boot into OS.

Hardware faults on the other hand are generally more problematic, such as intermittent WI-FI cards, bad RAM, inaccessible storage disks. Normally we will advise to repair or replace like-for-like equivalents and where possible offer sensible upgrades.

Just some of the various issues we can assist with:

• Motherboard Repairs
• USB and Peripheral ports
• 3.5mm audio jacks
• Power Supplies
• Optical Disc Drives
• Clean Up / Speed Up
• Memory Upgrades
• Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades
• Networking / Wi-Fi
• PC support & installation
• Internet Security
• Hard Drive cloning
• Data Recovery
• Virus Removal
• Wireless Network/Printer Setup
• Windows Re-installation
• Driver Troubleshooting / Re-installation
• Remote Support
• General Advice

Computer Repair

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