Retro Mouse Repair – 16 Bit Mice

Amiga Mouse

Left the original Amiga “tank” mouse, below a later model.

Amiga Mouse Disassembly

Mice on the 16bit machines, like the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST, did not use a laser or an LED like modern mice. They did not use a USB connector either, but a 9pin D plug like the joysticks. Most only had two button and no scroll wheel. Instead of the laser or LED a silicon ball was used, this rolled as you moved the mouse around the mouse pad. A pad was needed for these type of mice, as the ball needs to grip the surface. When the ball moved around it moved two internal rollers, which turned fanned wheels inside between optical sensors. This let the computer know where the mouse was and where to display the pointer on screen. The buttons were micro switches the same as they are today.

Here at CRS Yarmouth we can service and repair your retro mouse. Rollers and ball are cleaned, switches sprayed with contact cleaner. Cables can also be replaced.

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