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QuickShot Joystick

Nearly all the old consoles and computers from the early 80’s up to the end of the 90’s used a variation on the “Atari” joystick standard.
These were a joystick handle, with usually one fire button and auto-fire connected by a 9 pin D shaped plug.

The pin out was arranged as in this diagram:

Pin Actions
1 up
2 down
3 left
4 right
5 n/c
6 fire
7 +5v
8 ground
9 n/c
(Later versions added more fire buttons to pins 5 and 9)
Joystick Pinout

Some 30+ years later many of these original joysticks have failed.  Some however used micro switches rather than the “bubble” type which wore out quite quickly.

We can service your retro joysticks and joypads for you.

Bubble Type
Bubble type
Bubble Type with contacts
A different bubble type with contacts

The ones with real switches can be serviced or replaced.  They are easy to recognise by the “clicking” noise they make when you use them.

Joypad Micro Switch
Micro switch type
Joypad Spring Switch
Spring switch type

Complete tear down and clean, cables tested for breaks, cables can be replaced.

Disassembled Joystick
A disassembled joystick for cleaning
Broken bubble type switch
Broken bubble type switch
Joypad Controller cleaning
Cleaning a joypad controller.
Switches are cleaned with switch cleaner, all plastics are cleaned.

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