TV Modulator Replacement

TV modulators were built into many old Computers and Consoles. Modern digital TV’s, even ones that still have an old UHF tuner, do not play nice with these older video systems. There are many modern options, from taking out the modulator altogether or changing the way it works. Some modifications that can be done on these older systems are detailed below.

Atari 2600
The Atari 2600 games console requires some components to be removed, and an extra circuit board to be added. The video shows a mod on an Atari 2600 junior, other versions are similar.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The ZX Spectrum is one of the easier retro computers to do an AV (Audio Video) mod to. As it has composite already on the board. This is converted to the TV RF signal inside the modulator. So to do the mod is just a matter of disconecting the RF and wiring the composite to the phono out socket. The video shows this in more detail.

There are several versions of the Amiga only the A600, A1200 and CD32 have built in modulators. The other machines used a plug-in RF module.
The Amigas with built in modulators, do not need an AV mod as they have a composite video out socket.
Nowdays the modulators are removed to be replaced by a modern HDMI option. The video shows the removal of the RF modulator on an A600 for this reason.

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